ISS constructor (set I)

ISS constructor (set I) ISS Designer is the newest Russian designer for programming and entertainment.
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ISS Designer is the newest Russian designer for programming and entertainment. This is the story of two small astronauts who offer to explore the space with them, performing missions in the style of games and competitions. In the first chapter you need to get to the station, turn it on and put the satellite into orbit. The result of all the work will be a small meteorological satellite that will become a smart home decoration, tracking not only temperature and pressure, but also lighting.

The developed hardware platform is easy to use, since connectors for connecting sensors are immediately allocated, buttons and connectors of the relay are output. And its own programming environment MKS Studio is able to even create mobile applications! Now you do not need to learn the text languages and remember the commands, make up the blocks in the chain and everything is ready. The kit has everything - a microprocessor control board, expansion cards with a Bluetooth wireless interface, parts, sensors, a book with instructions, wires and a battery. You can download the software on the company's website.


CPU board on STM32f4 processor;

Board Ai (connection of analog sensors);

Dio board (digital inputs, relay outputs 250V AC, 2A / 220V DC);

Model of the satellite;

light sensor;

Barometer with temperature sensor;


Assembly instruction;



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