Bestfilament blue PLA plastic for 3D printer 1 kg (1.75 mm)

Bestfilament blue PLA plastic for 3D printer 1 kg (1.75 mm) PLA plastic for the 3D printer. Diameter of 1.75 mm. Weight 1 kg Colour blue


  • Type: PLA
  • Color: Blue
  • Dia: 1.75 mm
  • Weight netto: 1 kilo
  • Weight brutto: 1.35 kg
  • Dimensions: 20 х 20 х 8 см (0,0032 м2)
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The color is blue. Diameter of 1.75 mm. filament Weight 1kg

The deviation of the diameter of the rod within the coil is not more than 0.02 mm!

The most environmentally friendly plastic. Ideal for print interior, requiring meticulous detail.

PLA plastic available in different colours. Choose here!

Pbenefits PLA Bestfilament:

  • Wide color palette
  • Non-toxic
  • During printing no need for a heated platform
  • The dimensions of the stable;
  • great slide parts;
  • energy savings for low temperature softening of the filament;
  • there is no need to apply Kapton for brushing the surface to build the prototype;
  • the smoothness of the surface of the printed product

PLA (polylactide) is a biodegradable and biocompatible 3d plastic derived from vegetable raw materials. Robust material designed for printing large items, and items for which it is important to accurately convey the geometric dimensions. Unlike ABS it doesn't require special conditions, no need for a heated table or thermostabilization the camera. In addition, our PLA plastic has no odor, allowing you to use it in the home or office.

Recommended print settings for PLA Bestfilament :
Extruder: 190-215 degrees
Platform: 40-60 degree
Solvents: Dichloromethane

Advice from Bestfilament:
Since the softening temperature of PLA plastic about 50 degrees, when there is insufficient cooling of a thermal barrier possible softening of the plastic and formation of the tube. To avoid this situation is to provide the maximum airflow of the radiator of a thermal barrier.

Also when printing in PLA plastic, you can use porolonovyj filter with a small amount of oil (machine or vegetable). The oil reduces the probability of formation of traffic jams.

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