Transitional Watson Bestfilament for 3D printers 1kg (1.75 mm)

Transitional Watson Bestfilament for 3D printers 1kg (1.75 mm) Watson for a 3D printer. Diameter of 1.75 mm. Weight 1 kg Color transition


  • Color: Multi
  • Dimensions: 20 х 20 х 8 см (0,0032 м2)
  • Volume: 0,0032 м
  • Weight brutto: 1.35 kg
  • Weight netto: 1 kilo
  • Dia: 1.75 mm
  • Type: Watson
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Color transition (random). Diameter of 1.75 mm. filament Weight 1 kg.
The deviation of the diameter of the rod within the coil is not more than 0.02 mm!
Importantly: "transition" color implies that you will get a random, unpredictable combination of the two colors on the coil, however, in some cases, it is possible to equally random "monocolor".
As PaultherapywithI?
In the process of transition from one color to another appear plastic spools mixed colors.
When one color plastic smoothly into the other.
Depending on the colors transition can last 2-3 coil (go to black) and more.
That is, the ordering transition plastic you can get and monocolor. It just will be outside the typical palette BestFilament.
Color of the transition, we do not log, so can't guarantee any exact color.
Plastic, ideal for printing coated.

Benefits Watson Bestfilament:

  • Transparent (up to 93% light transmission). Colouring material gives a very beautiful effect.
  • Bright, juicy colors
  • No smell when printing
  • Extremely low moisture absorption
  • Tolerance for contact with food products
  • High gloss surface
  • Low stiffness at low thickness
  • High heat resistance
  • The ability to withstand large strains in bending without breaking

Watson (styrene butadiene copolymer). Strength, ductility and heat resistance make it a material that is often favoured in engineering and mechanical applications. The modulus of elasticity is much less than that of ABS, i.e., the printed parts are more flexible. The thread will not break off and will not break when printing.

IMPORTANT Discounts on this product do not apply

Recommended print settings for Watson Bestfilament:

Extruder: 230-240 degrees.

Platform: 90-100 degrees

Solvents: lemon, dichloromethane, xylene, solvent

WithCouncil from Bestfilament:
To achieve the visual effect of glass recommend you to use lemon, dichloromethane, xylene or solvent.

By the way., here you can read a mini-review on the material

Transitional Watson Bestfilament for 3D printers 1kg (1.75 mm) reviews

  • Касательно переходного цвета Watson
    By April 10, 2017 18:59

    Все бы хорошо, но назовите не переходный а случайный цвет. И уберите радужную фотку, а то уж очень сбивает. И почему бы не наладить "именно" переходный цвет. К качеству товара претензий нет, так получается мог бы купить какой то один, если уж надо, а так фортуна получается.

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