White HIPS Bestfilament for 3D printers 1kg (1.75 mm)

White HIPS Bestfilament for 3D printers 1kg (1.75 mm) HIPS 3D printer. Diameter of 1.75 mm. Weight 1 kg Color white


  • Type: HIPS
  • Dia: 1.75 mm
  • Weight netto: 1 kilo
  • Weight brutto: 1.35 kg
  • Dimensions: 20 х 20 х 8 см (0,0032 м3)
SKU: st_h_1kg_1.75_white
Main Warehouse: In stock
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HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene - high impact polystyrene) is popular as a material for the supports when printing in conjunction with ABS. HIPS has the same print settings as ABS, which makes them an excellent set for dual extrusion. To remove the support from the HIPS, you can use d-limonene, while the model does not remain traces from the supports.

HIPS is perfect not only for printing supports, it also has less shrinkage during printing, making it an excellent choice for printing models demanding a clear size. HIPS are easier than ABS and is ideal for models where important light weight.

Advantages of HIPS Bestfilament:

  • HIPS not absorb moisture, and better tolerate the conditions of the external environment, the longer it is kept in open without packing;
  • Matte texture visually smoothes the layers and roughness of the seal;
  • Low shrinkage ratio;
  • Soft, lends itself well to mechanical post-processing
  • Tear-resistant;
  • Contains no carcinogens, harmless to health and can be used for the production of pottery;
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis;
  • Has a high insulating ability.

Recommended print settings for HIPS Bestfilament:

Extruder: 230-260
Platform: 90-100
Airflow models: Yes
Print speed: 40-80 mm/s
Retracts: Yes
Shrinkage in the manufacture of products: 0,4%
Solvents: Lemon

Advice from Bestfilament:

  • Along with ABS is a great pair for dual extrusion. Printed support HIPS dissolves in limonene, leaving no residue on the model, printed ABS.
  • HIPS is softer, easier to process mechanically than PLA or ABS.
  • For best results when printing HIPS recommend you to turn on air cooling (cooling) of the nozzle. This will allow the layers to harden evenly, the printed surface will be more smooth.

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