ISS constructor (set I)

ISS constructor (set I) ISS constructor is the constructor for programming and entertainment.
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ISS constructor is the constructor for programming and entertainment. This is the story of two young astronauts, which offer to explore space with them, fulfilling the mission-style games and competitions. In the first Chapter, you need to get to the station, switch it on and launch into orbit of Sputnik. The result will be your own little weather satellite, which will be a smart decoration for the home that monitor not only temperature and pressure, and lighting.

The developed hardware platform is easy to use, because once the dedicated connectors to connect sensors, display buttons and connectors of the relay. And its environment for programming the MKS Studio can even to create a mobile app! Now no need to learn a textual language and to memorize the commands, create blocks in the chain and you're done. The kit has all the microprocessor control Board, expansion Board with Bluetooth wireless technology, parts, sensors, book with instructions, wires and battery. To download on the website of the company.


CPU processor-STM32f4;

fee Ai (connection of analog sensors);

Board Dio (digital inputs, relay outputs 250V AC, 2A/ 220V DC);

the model of the satellite;

light sensor;

barometer with temperature sensor;


assembly instruction;



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